Location and Access

Two different access points to enjoy in as you wish: as an attraction in Seville, or as a complement to your visit to Isla Mágica.

Independent Access

Enjoy the wonderful panoramic views of Seville from a height of up to 150 metres.

Its proximity to the historic centre, a 5-minute walk from the Alameda de Hércules, makes the "Nao Vigía" Seville Balloon the perfect complement to your visit to the Andalusian capital.


Adventure in Isla Mágica

Join your aerostatic balloon flight with an unforgettable journey into the Age of Discovery!

The Seville Balloon "Nao Vigía" is located inside the "Isla Mágica" Theme Park, a leisure complex full of attractions, shows, shops, restaurants and a water park set in the 16th and 17th centuries.

How to get there

Isla Mágica is located in the heart of Seville, on the Isla de la Cartuja. Its prime location allows you to reach the historic centre of Seville from the park gate in 5 minutes on foot, or to reach the airport in about 10 minutes by car.

The main entrance to Isla Mágica is at: Rotonda Isla Mágica (Isla de la Cartuja), 41092 Seville.

By Car

GPS coordinates:
37º 24′ 21.0384″
-5º 59′ 57.7494″

By Public Transport

Lines C1 and 2 (Puente de La Barqueta stop)
Lines C2 and 2 (José de Gálvez - Pabellón de Andalucía stop)
Lines C3 and C4 (Torneo - Barqueta stop)
Lines 3 and 6 (Concejal Jiménez Becerril - Barqueta stop)

More information: Tussam

On Foot

It is enough to cross to the other side of the Guadalquivir, to the Isla de la Cartuja, to get to The Seville Balloon "Nao Vigía".

Five minutes from the historic centre (Alameda de Hércules) and very close to the main tourist areas of Seville.

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