Discover Seville from the Sky

Go up to 150 metres and enjoy the exceptional panoramic views of Seville on a tethered balloon adventure.

The new Viewpoint of Seville

Located on the Isla de la Cartuja, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, the Seville Balloon "Nao Vigía" offers a unique experience: a 150-metre ascent in a tethered aerostatic balloon to enjoy a bird's eye view of Seville, its nearby towns and its skyline.

360º views

A circular basket in which you can move around to have a complete panoramic view of the landscape.


Up to 150 Metres

A journey at high altitude, with ascents and descents of up to 150 metres.


Up to 29 Passengers

Enjoy the Seville sky in company. Group trips for up to 29 people.

The Seville Balloon

Seville's newest tourist attraction is a spectacular aerostatic balloon 34 metres high and 23 metres in diameter (like a 7-storey building) that rises up to 150 metres high and can hold up to 29 people.


A 360º Panoramic View of Seville


Location and Access

The Seville Balloon "Nao Vigía" is located in the Isla Mágica Theme Park, on the Isla de la Cartuja. Its prime location on the edge of the historic centre of Seville allows you to get there on foot or by public transport, and have the best views of the city.

It can be accessed independently of Isla Mágica, directly from the outside, or with an entrance ticket to the Theme Park.

Prices and Tickets

There are different options to enjoy Nao Vigía: you can do just the balloon flight directly from the outside, or the same day of your visit to Isla Mágica at a reduced price.


Balloon flight prices

11,50 €

Online ticket advance purchase

Online advance purchase only

Buy your ticket online until the day before the visit with a price reduction.

8 €

Ticket for people born or resident in Seville

Online or at the ticket office

It will be necessary to be accredited at the entrance of the park with ID or valid identity document as born or resident in Seville.

27 €

Pack 3 tickets same day

Online advance purchase only

Only available for online purchase. Not available at the ticket office. Not valid for the same day of flight.
Indivisible pack of 3 tickets to be used for the same flight.

12,50 €

Online ticket on the day of the visit or purchase at the ticket office

* Children from 0 to 3 years old do not need to buy a ticket.


Balloon flight if you have a ticket to Isla Mágica

5 €

Flight if you have a ticket to Isla Mágica

At the ticket office on the day of your visit

With your Isla Magica ticket you will be able to enjoy all the activities offered by the Theme Park (attractions, shows, etc.) and book your flight at a reduced price.


Weather conditions

For safety reasons, weather factors such as wind, rain and temperature may affect the opening, closing and duration of the balloon flight, as well as the height reached and the capacity of the basket. At the time of your visit, please check the status of the balloon on this website.

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