Prices and Tickets

You can purchase tickets online or at the ticket office located outside Isla Magica on the day of your visit.

11,50 €

Online ticket advance purchase

Online advance purchase only

Buy your ticket online until the day before the visit with a price reduction.

8 €

Ticket for people born or resident in Seville

Online or at the ticket office

It will be necessary to be accredited at the entrance of the park with ID or valid identity document as born or resident in Seville.

27 €

Pack 3 tickets same day

Online advance purchase only

Only available for online purchase. Not available at the ticket office. Not valid for the same day of flight.
Indivisible pack of 3 tickets to be used for the same flight.

12,50 €

Online ticket on the day of the visit or purchase at the ticket office

* Children from 0 to 3 years old do not need to buy a ticket.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. One adult may accompany up to two children under 12.

Prices per trip and person (except 3 tickets pack). Tickets are non-refundable. The height reached on each ride may depend on weather conditions. In boarding the balloon, passengers must comply with access rules and restrictions.

Online ticket purchase
The online ticket is valid for two years from the date of access. In case of not being able to make the flight due to weather or operational reasons, the same ticket can be used within its validity period.

Ticket purchase at the ticket office
The ticket is only valid for the day of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy tickets for the Seville Balloon "Nao Vigía"?
Flight without entering Isla Mágica: Buy your tickets for the Balloon at the ticket offices at the main entrance of Isla Mágica.
Flight with Isla Mágica ticket: You can buy tickets for the Balloon at the ticket office at the entrance to the attraction.
As the operation of the Balloon is weather dependent, tickets cannot be purchased online.
How many people can have access?
The capacity of the attraction depends on the weather conditions at any given time. The maximum capacity of the basket is 29 people plus the pilot.
Is it a family attraction?
The flight is a very quiet journey, with a slow ascent and descent, designed to enjoy the panoramic views. The characteristics of the basket allow passengers to stand upright for the entire trip in complete safety. Please note that the ride goes up to 150 metres, so it is not recommended for people with vertigo or those sensitive to heights. Occasionally, the balloon may move due to wind gusts. Please check the conditions of access, as well as age and height restrictions before purchasing your tickets.
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. One adult may accompany up to two children under 12. 
Is it possible to get on the Balloon without entering Isla Mágica?
Yes, it is possible to access only the Balloon without buying a ticket for, or entering Isla Mágica Theme Park. In this case, you will only be able to enjoy the "Nao Vigía" attraction and entrance into and exit from the park will be controlled by Isla Mágica staff.
Can tickets be purchased in advance?
Tickets can only be purchased in person on the day of the flight at the ticket offices, so it is not possible to buy tickets in advance.
Is it possible that on the day I want to enjoy the Balloon it may not fly? And how can I find out before I go in person?
For safety reasons, weather factors such as wind, rain and temperature may affect the opening, closing and duration of the balloon flight, as well as the height reached and the capacity of the basket. At the time of your visit, please check the status of the balloon on this website.
Is the attraction suitable for people with injuries, pregnant women or people with reduced mobility?
Pregnant women, people with injuries, heart problems or hypertension cannot take part in this adventure. People with reduced mobility who are wheelchair-bound should consult Isla Mágica staff about the available options for getting on the attraction.
In the case of people with intellectual disabilities or deaf people, we remind you that it is very important that the visitor has correctly understood the instructions for the safe use of the attraction, either directly or through the person assisting him/her.
In other cases, Isla Mágica reserves the right to approve access for visitors with special or exceptional circumstances.
Is there an age limit to ride the attraction?
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. One adult may accompany up to two children under 12.
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